How-to Install Firefox Nightly 22 x86_64 Browser on Linux BackTrack/Kali 5 R3

 Firefox Nightly & BackTrack
1. Download Latest Firefox Nightly:
    Firefox 22 x86_64 tar.bz2
2. Right-Click > Open with Ark
   =>Extract Into /+folder adress+

3. Open Terminal Window 

4. Relocate Firefox Nightly
     Login as SuperUser

=> su 

     Make a Firefox Directory

=> mkdir /opt/firefox
     Move Firefox Into firefox-Nightly so to Prepare for a Possible
     Firefox Multi-Version Coexistence

root@hacker:~/Kali# mv firefox /opt/firefox/firefox-nightly

     Make a Symlink for Easy-Starting
=> ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox-nightly/firefox /usr/local/bin/firefox-nightly
     Next you Can Start Firefox from Terminal with

=> firefox-nightly

5. Create Application Launcher for Quick-Starting:

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