Installing DVWA on Backtrack 5

What is DVWA?

Damn Vulnerability Web Application (DVWA) is a Vulnerable Wep Application, designed for pentetration labs. Please note that not recommended to install it on your hosting.

  1. Download DVWA here
  2. Extract into local web server root (var/www)
    root@bt# unzip -d /var/www/
  3. Set permission of DVWA into 755
    root@bt# chmod -R 755 /var/www/dvwa
  4. Edit database configuration for database connection with text editor
    root@bt# kate /var/www/dvwa/config/
  5. Run MySQL, Start menu->Backtrack->Service->MySQL->Start Mysql
  6. Run Apache, Star menu->Backtrack->Service->HTTPD->Start HTTPD
  7. Create database for DVWA
    root@bt# mysql -u root -p
    Welcome to MySQL
    mysql> create database dvwa;
    mysql> exit 
  8. Point your Firefox to "" click to create/reset database.
  9. Now run your dvwa from your favorit browser,
  10. Done


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  1. "kate /var/www/dvwa/config/ "after what