How to install Winetricks and Unity Web Player on Kali Linux

Install Winetricks

This is the best way to go, as then both wine and winetricks will be autoupdated when there are new releases.
If your distribution doesn't bundle an up-to-date winetricks, you can download it from and install it in /usr/bin, e.g.

[1] wget

[2] sudo cp winetricks
[3] sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/winetricks

Install Unity Web Player

First Install the latest Wine (1.5) version
Then download Unity.
Next install Unity and launch wine tricks.
Now you need to install dx9 and force mono instead of .net
Don't forget you need to install all Windows fonts via wine tricks !!!
Next is you need to launch regedit and add ProductId in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\W­indowsNT\CurrentVersion\"


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