How to Create your own PC server in Kali Linux

We need to set the server:
1. Apache2
2. Php
3. MySQL
4. PhpMyAdmin
I have already installed these programs, From here you can install link 
go to PhpMyAdmin enter and create a new user
create user
User created
Check the User

Now create a new database
now edit privileges my new users
Choose our new database
after  select all values

We should give our external IP address of the foreign customers, ex. myip find
finish done...!!! 

next step...

If the network is a two-Users 
Nat to put together our modem and open the Port, open browser and go to <- modem address
TP-Link router default user and password : admin, admin
Internal IP address to find method use:
root@lhackg~# ifconfig and result show eth0 or wlan0 192.168.-.-

heppy done... 


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