BWAPP Pentest Lab Installation on Kali Linux

  installation requirements

  • Web server
  • PHP
  • MySQL

installation step by step

download bwapp pentest lab and save directory /var/www

  • Extract file 
    • root@Lh4cKg:~# unzip /var/www/

  • Give full permission to the
    • root@Lh4cKg:~# chmod -R 777 /var/www/bWAPP
  • Edit the file 'bWAPP/' with your own database connection settings.

    • root@Lh4cKg:~# vim /var/www/bWAPP/
    • $db_server = "localhost"; // your database server (IP/name), here 'localhost'
    • $db_username = "root";  // your MySQL user, here ' '
    • $db_password = "toor";  // your MySQL password, here ' '
  • Browse to the file 'install.php' in the directory 'bWAPP'.
    • http://localhost/bWAPP/install.php
  • Click here to install bWAPP.
    • The database 'bWAPP' will be created and click login button
  • Login with the default username and password or make a new user.
    • default username/password: bee/bug
  • You are ready to explore and exploit the bee!
This project is part of the ITSEC GAMES project. ITSEC GAMES are a fun approach to IT security education. IT security, ethical hacking, training and fun... all mixed together.


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  1. Programming is very interesting and creative thing if you do it with love. Your blog code helps a lot to beginners to learn programming from basic to advance level. I really love this blog because I learn a lot from here and this process is still continuing.
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