How To install theme on Kali Linux

theme name : Acvamarin
icon theme : Acvamarin
gtk theme : Acvamarin
window theme : Acvamarin or GrEEn

step 1. download Acvamarin theme, Acvamarin-Icon and GrEEn window theme

open terminal and extract archive move to themes directory /usr/share/themes

root@Lh4cKg:~# tar -xzvf Acvamarin.tar.gz
root@Lh4cKg:~# mv acvamarin3.8 /usr/share/themes
root@Lh4cKg:~# mv acvamarin3.10 /usr/share/themes
root@Lh4cKg:~# mv grEEn /usr/share/themes

extract acvamarin icon file and move to /usr/share/icons

root@Lh4cKg:~# tar -xzvf Acvamarin-icon.tar.gz
root@Lh4cKg:~# mv Acvamarin /usr/share/icons

step 2. now we need gnome-tweak-tool

apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

open advanced settings Applications -> System Settings -> Preferences -> Advanced Settings
 and click Theme tab change old theme


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  1. link not working. it seems error. plz give me original link

    1. hello bro, this link real working, i checked it now

  2. I'm sure, your link download is not work!

  3. link for Acvamarin-Icon doesn't work fix it plz because it is a nice theme

  4. how to install it as a normal user?

  5. The link seems to work but y is it giving me .exe files??? This is Linux dude i dont think .exe is the right format

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