Why did you choose Python as your primary programming language?

  • platform independence
  • speed and ease of development (weak typing, behavior based instead of class based)
  • interpreted - introspection
  • documentation is part of the language
  • good code reads like a novel ( and i dislike a lot of curly braces in the novel i read, i like readable syntax).
  • highlevel access to a lot of things (datastructures, I/O, databases)
  • lowlevel access to a lot of things if you really want to
  • snippets and code all over. well written books. large community
  • functional programming if you want to
  • procedural programming if you want to
  • object oriented programming if you want to
  • did i mention web2py is written in python? could be enough reason
  • python applies to nearly every field. no need to learn a different language if you occasionally dip into some other field of IT
  • batteries included
  • congruent and consistent in a lot of places, while allowing you to have the freedom to choose otherwise (think of dictionary like interfaces, operator overloading etc)
  • mature - it's been here for a loooong time (wikipediaFirst appeared 1991; 24 years ago)
  • Everything is an object (while not forcing you to write oop yourself)

Following are the features which made me love python:
  • Forced indentation (This makes code look cleaner and understandable)
  • Weak typing (no need of variable data types when declaring)
  • A large collection of supported libraries(Let it be from scripting to app development, from web development to distributed computing, from Big data to scientific computing.. Python is everywhere)
  • Works on multiple environment.. Even with embedded systems
  • Larger community support

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